baby hannah!

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My husband’s brother and his wife have been going through the adoption process for, well, for awhile now.  So when we got the news last week that they finally got a baby girl (hannah!), we were more than thrilled for them!  They’re bringing her out to meet our family next week, which means a girly sewing extravaganza may or may not take over my craft room for the next seven days…

While I was looking for skirts and dresses and onesie ideas to make for Little Miss Hannah, I found all sorts of goodness that I thought you might need to see as well:

 Baby romper at 7 layer studio.

 Bubble shirt at smashed peas and carrots.

Ruffle skirt from a tshirt at sew much ado.

One hour sundress (tutorial at from an igloo)… pretty sure I couldn’t do this in an hour, but isn’t it cute?

Tuxedo dress at mary janes and galoshes.

Stenciled sweatshirt dress at samster mommy.

 Sweater dress at make it and love it.

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