kojotutorial: butterfly ballerina (part 1)

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How I love Spring!  The new-life green, the little buds peeking up from the earth, the air filled with birds and butterflies and bumble bees.  In perfect time to celebrate all of this loveliness, my niece Addie is having a butterfly themed first birthday.  And of course, she needs a butterfly ballerina outfit to look fabulous at her party!

Since every outfit is better with accessories, Addie’s little outfit includes the tutu, the butterfly tank
top (which is attached to the tutu), and the matching headband… which means that this tutorial series will be in three parts.  Here’s the first installment.

For the tutu you’ll need:
– tulle! the more, the flufflier. I bought 3 yards of the light color and 3 yards of the darker color
– matching thread 
– a sewing machine
– scissors
– 3 colors of ribbon, 3 yards of each
– a tank top in the size of your little one (mine was 18 months)

1. Cut your tulle into three 18 inch strips.  Sew the tulle strips together to make them 6 yards long each.

2. Sew the ribbon onto the bottom edge of the tulle. I used two satin ribbons and one decorative lace ribbon.

4. Bunch the tulle and pin it onto the bottom of the tank top one layer at a time.

5. Turn the tank top inside out and sew the tulle onto the tank top.
    tip: use a wide stitch.

6. Turn the tank top right side out and cut away any excess tulle.  You’re done (with the tutu part at least)!

Coming soon- the tanktop butterfly embellishment (and, of course, the matching headband!).

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  1. Another great project! I just LOVE the headband, it pulls the whole outfit together. Thanks as usual for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! all the best, Sara

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