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My husband has a serious affection for middleeastern food.  Serious affection.  Which means that we try every middleeastern restaurant in the greater Denver area that we hear about, and also that I often accompany Adam on his quest to find fabulous middleeastern bread (homemade pitas, etc.) in various middleeastern markets/convenience stores that he spots around town.  The fabulous perk from all of this searching is that it’s led to the discovery of the most fabulous international market (Arash, for those of you who are here in town).  And in this most fabulous of places, there is a Dollar Table reserved for produce that is about to be past its prime (but isn’t quite yet).

On a regular basis, I find an entire bag of still usable limes on this table.  For one dollar.  Glory.

I then take these limes, juice them, freeze the juice in ice cube trays, and have ‘fresh’ (though, now frozen) lime juice for the plethora of recipes in the world that requires just a tablespoon or two of lime juice (which I  always happen to be making on nights that there are no limes in my fridge).

Just thought y’all might need to know.  In case you haven’t checked your neighborhood middleeastern market for a Dollar Table.  Or in case you make as many cosmos as we do in the summer (anyone have a fabulous, non-alcoholic version of these, by the way?) and need to start building up your stash of lime juice. Or, you know, in case limes go on sale at your regular grocery store. 🙂

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  1. Did you just say Denver? Ok, I am now officially envious! Ha, ha!! A long time ago, in a land far far away, I used to live there. Still have family there, aunt & uncles, cousins… And I must say I MISS Denver something fierce! Hadn't been back in over 10 years until last summer… And you know what, I still LOVE Denver! I miss the weather, family, friends, the shopping, the people, the mountains, the weather, the shopping, the markets, the shopping, family… Hmm, I seem to be repeating myself! ha ha…

    If you come up w/ a "virgin" cosmo recipe, please plass it along. What are some of the great middle eastern restaurants you've come up w/ in the greater Denver area (for when we get in town again!) Do you have any recipes you could pass along?

    Thanks! (Hmmm, I think I need to start saving for a trip… maybe I could convince my mom to meet me there!! Wouldnt be hard as we don't see each other much. She's in Louisiana and we just moved from Alaska!)

    Hope you have a great week!! 🙂

  2. I am such a ditz! I have a non-alcoholic comso recipe. It is the one from eHow. It really is pretty good. I like to garnish it w/ limes instead of lemons. I've also been known to use Sprite or 7-up instead of the club soda.

  3. We use to do this with lemons when we had a tree. So we could always have fresh lemon aid it's great in the winter.

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