if we had a cupcake competition….

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… I’d enter these!

On a whim, while making cupcakes for my husband’s birthday party, I decided to celebrate Drew’s addiction affection for coffee and made these cupcakes. Y’all, try.this.today! It is super easy and will have everyone thinking you spent hours in the kitchen. Not to mention, they are delectable; the perfect grown-up version of a birthday classic.

Coffee Cupcakes
1 package yellow cake mix (and ingredients to make cake mix)
3 packages VIA coffee from starbucks (I used these, you could probably use instant coffee of any kind)
2 tubs store-bought white butter cream icing

1) Follow the recipe for cupcakes on the back of cake box, but add 1 package of VIA coffee while mixing. bake as directed, let cupcakes cool.

2) Spoon icing into a mixer and add 2 packages of VIA coffee, mix until blended (you will still see coffee specks in the icing)

3) Ice cupcakes with the icing using a large decorator’s tip and bag.

4) Serve to amazed husband and guests!

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  1. Oh yum. The only thing I love more than chocolate is coffee. I might just combine the two and use a chocolate cake mix.

  2. I think I'm in love!!
    I can not wait to make these-two of my favorite foods, coffee and butter cream frosting! Oh, and then to have cupcakes added in….Yuuuuummmmmmyy!
    Thank you!

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