more pleats!

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Just thought I’d show a few step-by-step pictures of how I added the pleated panel to Leslie’s buttercup bag.

First, I measured the center ‘panel’ of the buttercup bag (which meant that I didn’t do the center pleat) and cut a piece of coordinating fabric to that size (and three times as tall as the bag).

Next, I ironed pleats into my panel of fabric.  I did this by marking every inch with a fabric pen, matching up my markings, and ironing in place.  The markings ensured an even pleat spacing.

Then I lined up matching ribbon on each side of my panel (since my panel’s edges weren’t finished).  I also pinned the ribbon-and-panel combo to its soon-to-be-home on the center of the purse’s ‘front’.

Finally, I stitched all three parts- ribbon, pleated panel, and front-of-purse-piece- together.  Since the buttercup bag has a lining that ‘tucks in’ the top and bottom edges of the finished purse, I didn’t have to worry about the rough edges on the top and on the bottom.

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