our world this week: antigua

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This past week I got to take an amazing trip to Guatemala and on our last couple days we visited the town of Antigua. Gorgeous. My photo tip for the week is when traveling to a high tourist destination- get up early! I would usually ignore this advice from others because I am not a morning person. But on this occasion we had to get up early-ish anyway to get to the airport so a few of us set the alarm an hour earlier and got up just as the sun was rising. (Which is Guatemala is at 5:30?!)  It was perfect because most tourists aren’t up yet so no crowds of people to have to try to shoot around, the streets that are usually lined with cars were barren, and the lighting was perfect. So next time you go somewhere fabulous set your alarm early (just one day isn’t that bad) and you won’t regret it!

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  1. Such amazing colors! I wanted to visit Antigua when I was living in Nicaragua, but I never got around to it. I've heard the most beautiful things from there though…

  2. I've been to Antigua and it is such a beautiful place. It's like stepping back in time to a wonderful array of colors, scenery and food. In fact, every now and then I still get a craving for a specific type of soup we ate there. I think Antigua was one of my most favorite places in Guatemala.

  3. Lucky you! What a amazing pictures. I will definitely remember that tip for our next trip aka only trip this year :).

  4. Those photos are so beautiful. I feel like I could fall right in, the colors feel like a painting of pastels. Good advice.

  5. I am from Guatemala city, and Antigua Guatemala it is my favorite place to visit. I am so glad you enjoyed my country and happy to know that there are many people that want to visit my country. Thanks for sharing this pics. they're great!

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