sunscreen bag

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Summer weather has come to Denver; it’s been 90+ degrees the last couple days.  Besides busting out a wiggle-y sprinkler toy AND the slip ‘n slide, we have also been lathering the kiddos (and ourselves) with layers of sunscreen.  Which means a re-emergence of the Spring Break sunscreen bag.


It’s nice to have a whole buffet of SPF’s in one central, spill-proof location. 

To make this gem, I sewed a drawstring bag from a dollar store placemat (generally the same as the 10-minute wine bag, but using a placemat instead of a cloth napkin).  While I was sewing the bottom and the side, I wedged gallon-sized ziploc bag under my stitching line.  The result is a super simple, lined drawstring bag that’s perfect for a whole menagerie of sunscreen options (and, by default, 90 degree days).

Happy summer (and sunscreen-lathering), friends!

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  1. Great idea, now if I could just trade a little of that sun for this endless rain!!

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