cherry pom poms and other berry shower how-to’s

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Thanks for all of your sweet comments and emails about the berry baby shower… A few details on how we put things together:

To make a cherry pom pom– Follow the pom pom making tutorial here.  However, instead of using matching yarn to tie off your red/pink pom pom, use green embroidery thread.  Leave the thread extra long (you’ll be using it again to tie off your second pom pom).  Make a second red/pink pom pom.  Using the same green embroidery thread, tie off your second pom pom, tying the two together.  Cut off excess pieces of green thread, leaving a middle strand as the cherry ‘stem.’

The tutorial for the gift card wreath is here.  The wreath was originally created to show off the types of tea available in my mishmash tea drawer. Our mom is a big tea drinker, and we were hoping to make her a tea wreath anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity to craft some re-usable shower decor.

The paint chip banner tutorial is here… Kirstin is planning on taking both banners to the hospital to announce Babycakes #2’s gender (you know, when she has the baby and they know what it is).

To make the berry tissue pom poms, put together a large pink pom pom for the ‘body’ of the berry and a smaller green pom pom for the ‘stem.’  We use Martha’s pom pom tutorial to make tissue pom poms- it’s simple and thorough.  Next, nestle the green pom pom stem in top portion of the larger pink pom pom and tie in place.  Hang and you’re done!

Happy berry crafting, friends!

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  1. Great ideas! We have a 10 hour drive coming up this weekend so I've been looking for car crafting ideas. I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in store to pick up a new pompom maker! I have 40% off coupons at both Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics so…. plus plenty of yarn. I can see crocheted washcloths and pompoms will be filling our car (we will be spending lots of time in the car over the course of a week!!)

    Once again thanks for all the great ideas!!

  2. This is oh so cute. I really love the gift card wreath. All of the little details perfect it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jord, now I see the "berry tissue balls"! Love them! This super was a super cute one- you girls are so creative. thanks for sharing the how-tos!

  4. those cherry pom poms are so cute…I am sure they make everybody smiles! Great touch for the jellies.

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