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Hahahaha!  So many of you got in touch about the contents of our New Mom’s Tools List that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought I’d share it.  We began making the list for our little sister, Kedron, who is pregnant with her first little one and due in October.  Fun, right?

A few caveats-
1. Kiji, if you got this far, you should probably stop reading now.  Unless you want to know exactly what you’re getting at your baby shower.
2.  Jordi and I didn’t have the same Must Have list… there were some items that she somehow made it through her newborn days without that I thought were absolutely vital- hahaha!  However, we just pooled our thoughts and this list was the result.  Also, it’s not ten items.  Lovely.
3. There were other ‘bigger’ things that would probably also make the cut (both of us love our Phil and Ted strollers, for example), but that we can’t afford for Kedron’s baby shower gift.  So, possibly consider this the ‘New Mom’s Must Haves’ minus big purchases.
4. Nursery decor made the list because we’re sewing all of Kedron’s darling ‘vintage alphabet’ themed bedding already.  So that one’s a gimme.  Maybe not an essential, per se, but still fun.

With that, here is the joint, non-big item list of New Mom’s Must Haves:

1. Nursing cover (by Ninnie’s Nappies, shown).

2. Boppy.


A supercute, could-be-mistaken-for-a-purse diaper bag ( I LOVE this ramalama leather one, but it does not exactly qualify for the non-big-purchase category).

4. Soothies Gel Pads (for that beginning part when breast feeding is less than enjoyable).

5. Wipes case/changing station (this one’s by JJ Cole).

6. Kiddopotamus (swaddler for dummies).

7. Soothies pacifiers.

8. Fabulous nursery décor (Kedron is planning on incorporating those Martha Stewart letters and that fabulous Japanese fabric into her “vintage alphabet nursery”).

9. Bjorn/Hot Sling (pictured).

10. A whole pile of burp rags and receiving blankets.

11. Open bottom layettes (this one is by Baby Star… cute, right?).

12. Sandra Boynton board books.

What about you?  What was indispensable to you in those foggy brand-new-baby days?

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  1. this is a great idea! I do not have kids yet, but I am definitly taking a poll on the things people think are must haves. Because let's be honest, if you have never had babies you dont know about the small things like how awesome a boppy pillow is. And of course I would like to know about those things that people think they need and NEVER use. Great post! I LOVE your blog! So cute and fun!


  2. My son is 3 and Snuggle Puppy is still his favotie book. Boppy I love, I use Moby wraps instead of a sling and of course any sort of microwavable soothing breast pads to help let the milk down are all on my must haves. Oh! And coffe and under eye concealer too 😉

  3. 1. I'd do an assortment of a few different types of pacifiers. My girls hated the Soothies, and I was so bummed b/c they are so cute!

    2. Medela breast pump. (I know that's a big ticket item, but if someone had told me that breast feeding doesn't always work out and that I'd be tied to my breast pump for 7 months, then I would have had one before the baby came instead of frantically tracking one down)

    3. "Lap Pads" to go under the crib sheet and on top of the mattress protector. Minimizes laundry. 😉

    4. Love the open layettes for quick changes, but if you have a winter baby and live in a cold climate then those nice fleecy "one piece" pjs from Target are awesome for keeping the baby warm

  4. My new baby must haves are bravado & glamourmom nursing tanks, a gap nursing bathrob (so comfy!), new lounge pants from target, and a freezer full of prepared meals. You are the sweetest sisters. My goodness after that shower and she still gets handmade goodies!! Best wishes to mommy to be!

  5. Bobby pillow is awesome, great idea for the nursing pads, and more burps and receiving blankets than anyone thinks possible, LOL!

    Infant diapers (swaddlers) with the wet strip are great for new parents. They really helped me out.

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