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We’ve decided to put together a very last minute, very laid back 4th of July barbeque.  I am loving all of the patriotic creativity that I’ve seen this year and am inspired to whip up something red, white and blue for the occasion… I’ll be honest, the last minute nature of this shindig might limit my creativity to food related options, but I’ll let you know what I put together.  Fourth of July things I am loving:


 Star cupcakes at inchmark 

Super cute star garland at our hartbeat… y’all know how I love a good garland lately!

 Beautiful red, white and blue wreath at a little lovely.

And one for next year- I came up with this idea too late to pull it off… But wouldn’t the 4th of July be the perfect occasion to try out the Warhol dress pattern by dana at made?  You could use one of Old Navy’s flag shirts (or anything red, white and blue, really) and have darling little patriotic dresses ready for fireworks and bbqs.  Next year, definitely next year.

Hope your weekend is full of barbeques and fireworks and yummy treats!

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  1. i so did the warhol dress for my little girl! i made my own flag to go on the front of it though. soo cute & she loves it! 🙂

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