kojotutorial: clip on pacifier holder

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Just one of the many useful baby tools we’ve been making around here- a clip-on paci pouch.  If your littles love Soothies (those green pacifiers) as much as ours did, this will be a super useful addition to your diaper bag!

To make a pacifier holder to clip onto your diaper bag, you’ll need:
-a scrap of 10″ x 4″ fabric (I used leftover oilcloth, but just because I loved the pattern)
-coordinating bias tape
-a clip on purse attachment
-sewing machine/supplies

1. Trace a cd at the top of your fabric scrap (on the wrong side) to give yourself a line for an even round top edge.  Cut along this line to round your edge.

2. Sew bias tape across the bottom edge of your fabric and around your rounded top edge as well.

3. About 3″ from the top, on the right side of the fabric, sew an 8″ length of bias tape (or coordinating ribbon) onto the middle of the rectangle.  This will become the loop that you use to clip on your pacifier holder later.

4. Flip the bottom of the fabric rectangle up on itself (right sides facing each other) to make a little pouch.  Leave 2-3″ of the the rounded top edge sticking out of the pouch portion (this will fold over as your closure flap later).  Stitch up both sides of the fabric.  My line flared a bit at each end to ensure that I stitched over the bias tape of the top rounded edge.

5. Turn your pouch right side in.  Insert the clip-on purse attachment and secure the ribbon/bias tape loop around it with a line or two of stitching.  Hot glue velcro dots (one sticky, one fuzzy) onto the body of the pouch and onto the inside of the closure flap to close.

6. Put a paci in your new holder, clip onto your fabulous diaper bag (more on this to come!) and off you go, you hip mama, you!

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  1. So cute! my youngest doesnt use one but my first sure did. I felt like I was constantly looking for a paci when we were out.
    I love that fabrice too!

  2. Very cute! However, I would use something other then oilcloth especially for small children and infants. I actually e-mailed Oilcloth International a few months back and they said Oilcloth should never be used in anything for babies/young children or anything that goes into or on our bodies. They meant lotions and foods since the cloth will create a leaching affect when warmed. However I wouldn't want to risk it with a small child. Definitely cute though. I used iron on Vinyl.

  3. I wish I had been smart enough to come up with one of these when I had my children. Those pacifiers were always missing! I'll have to make these for my friends now.

  4. I heart this.

    I wish I had this idea when my baby used a binkie still.

    I love this would make a great baby present.

    I would love it if you came and linked this up to my Christmas in July linky party.

    Hope to see you soon!!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  5. That's so pretty! I had no idea about the oilcloth information that KK mentioned. Good to know! Now that we have your basics we could make it with anything. The clip is such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking to this.

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