an (apparently not so) simple request

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Dear Baby Clothing Retailers of America,

Why, oh why, do you make so many cute, girly, newborn sized onesies, but limit my wardrobe choices for newborn sized bottoms to shapeless cotton pants?  And often tapered cotton pants at that?

Where are the skirts, the shorts, the leggies, even a pair of cotton pants with a little shape or some cute teeny pockets?  I realize that many babies outgrow newborn sized clothing almost immediately, but I seem to make babies that stay under the 8 pound mark for at least a month… and during that time, I’d love a couple of options to pair with our vast onesie collection.

Piper Jane’s Mama

ps- I made those little tailored pants above as part of our Boy home-from-the-hospital outfit (using a red and white men’s button up shirt for fabric and this tutorial).  They are one suitable “cute bottoms” option for now.  However, and I’m sure this will shock you, Piper’s onesie drawer is a sea of pink and purple (and a little short on the red).  So they aren’t the most versatile option in the world.

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  1. Those pictures are SO CUTE! My baby is 3 weeks and I wish I could take such great pics! And, my letter would be 'Why don't you make a variety of boy clothes? While there are racks and racks of girl clothes, I have slim pickings for my precious boys'. Love, John and Matthew's Mommy. 🙂

  2. we had really good luck at baby gap's clearance rack when I had my youngest. lost of cute little rainbow leggies and teeny tiny denim skirts.

  3. So sad. She definitely needs some skirts. Good thing I haven't mailed you anything yet. 😉 She really is beyond beautiful. Keep enjoying her so teeny.

  4. my girls wore preemie clothes from walmart for the first couple of months and they were not preemies (separates of course!) they just hug their twiggy legs in a more fashionable way… best part… they start at around $3.50!!!!!! and you can hand down the cloths to their dolls!


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