decor with books part 1

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One of my favorite accents in Burke’s Big Boy Room is his “name wall.”  I’ve been fumbling around for an idea for finishing his cardboard letters since I got them (yep, two years ago) and couldn’t quite settle on something that I loved.  To think that my final solution wouldn’t really involve the letters themselves at all.

The finished look of the name wall is so simple, and so perfect for his room… I just wish I’d thought of it sooner.

To create this little (super simple) masterpiece, I collected old textbooks in Burke’s palette from Goodwill…

…then drilled L brackets into the bottom of each book, essentially turning each book into a mini shelf…

…then hung them on the wall all in a row, leveling along the way, well asked my husband to hang them on the wall and level along the way…

…then placed the “B-U-R-K-E” letters (painted with the aqua we used on his accent wall) in their respective places… and done! He loves them, we love them.  What a perfect focal point for that wall!

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  1. That is simply amazing and beautiful! I wish I could make my son's room look so cool. Love the book shelf and striped ceiling! I will feature this at!

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