party multi-tasking part 1: using decor for multiple parties

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We love putting together parties that include all sorts of fabulous little touches- coordinating palettes, menus tailored to the guest of honor and the theme, decor that ties everything together (check out some of the parties and showers we’ve put together lately here). The way that we’ve made this managable without hiring a full time event planner is by making one or two standout features catered to each party and then trying to ensure that the rest of the projects we take on will serve multiple functions.

The most obvious way to do this is to find the overlap in the parties you are hostessing and to coordinate the decor. For example, this was our summer party lineup:

 –Hippo Shower for Jenny– Yellow, Green and Brown palette, Leaf and Hippo theme

Burke’s 2nd Birthday Party- All bright colors palette, Wild Things theme

Keadryn’s/Drew’s 3rd and 30th Birthday Party– Red, Green and White palette, Pizza theme

Berries Shower for Kirstin– Red, Blue and Hot Pink palette, Berry theme

Second Annual Cocktails and Mocktails Party– Navy, Orange, Aqua and Pink palette, Cocktail theme

Owl Shower for Kedron– Aqua, Orange, Apple Green and White palette, Owl and Vintage Alphabet Theme

-Sayla’s 2nd Birthday Party- All bright colors palette, Picnic theme (more details to come- just wait till you see the favors for this one!)

painted popsicle sticks at Cocktails and Mocktails, back for round 2 at the Owl Shower

After looking at this schedule, there are some pretty obvious matchups, it just becomes an issue of pairing, making a plan for decor that is easily re-used, and then making those items. The yellow and green garland from Jenny’s shower made another appearance at Burke’s birthday party, the red decor from Keadryn’s birthday party was back for an encore at the Berry Shower, the orange decor from Cocktails and Mocktails was used again at Kedron’s Owl Shower, etc.

two years, two parties, same decor items

Even better, if you can figure out a way to re-use an entire theme, ALL (or most) of the decor can be used again. For example, our sister, Kedron, also threw a Berry themed baby shower this summer. She lives in a different state than either of us, so she utilized much of the decor Jordi made for my baby shower without having guests see the same theme twice. This same theme stuff is part of the genius throwing an annual of Cocktails and Mocktails party-because all of the basic decor is already put together, this year, I focused on making one or two new, standout items (the hanging favor board and the new felt signs).  This can be a great way to maximize the time and energy you spend crafting special touches and gorgeous decor.

Additionally, after hosting several parties or showers, you begin to build up a stash of decor in various palettes. You can always plan upcoming events with your already-made decor in mind. That means that, when we put together themes and palettes for upcoming parties and showers, we consider the garlands, signs, banners and buntings we already have on hand and try to coordinate accordingly.

While it takes a bit more planning, I would say that decor multi-tasking it is time well spent. With a little coordination, your evvents still have a plethora of fabulous details and your time and energy are freed up to focus on a few key party-specific priorities. It’s a win-win situation.

Happy decor multi-purposing, friends!

ps- We also love to re-purpose party decor as home decor- more on that to come!

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