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Aren’t these gorgeous, vintage-y patterned book covers fabulous? When I saw them at Goodwill, I knew I had to figure out a way to work them into the decor for Piper Jane’s pink and yellow room! Since I already had grand plans for a wooden “Piper” sign, but hadn’t settled on a way to add “Jane” to the mix (and especially since we usually call her Piper Jane, not just Piper [following Burke’s lead on that one- funny, right?]), these ended up being the perfect solution to my name-sign decor issues.

Do you need a row of ruffled books to spell something in your house as well? You’ll need:
-vintage-y books with fabulous covers (like I said, I found mine at a thrift store), the same number of books as letters in your word
-a pile of no-sew jersey ruffles (about 20 ruffles per letter)
-1″ x 4″ cardstock rectangle (one per book)
-hot glue gun and glue
-brackets for hanging

Find some books with fabulous patterned covers at your favorite local thriftstore (hint- these are Reader’s Digest Condensed Novels; our Goodwill always has a whole section of them!).

Secure a bracket to the back of each book.

To ensure that the book doesn’t swing open, hot glue one end of your cardstock rectangle on the front page of your book. Wrap the cardstock around and glue onto your back page as well. Next, glue your front cover and your back cover to the cardstock. Hold up your book to make sure it doesn’t open.

Glue ruffles in the shape of each letter to the front of each book, spelling your message.

Hang your row of ruffled books on your wall and admire! Perfect!

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  1. Good gracious, this is cute!!! You guys are killing me! I just love it. I could go on all day about how much I do…

  2. this is so great!!! i love all of your ideas, but these decorating with books projects are my favorites!

  3. Totally gorgeous! I love this! I love ya'lls blog too….you always have the greatest stuff!

  4. That is really cute. Now if only I could figure a way out to make something like similar work in a teen boys room.
    But do you know what? The pink RD condensed book with Little Women is same exact one I grew up reading. We had the whole set for that year. Mom passed them on to us when I got married 20 years ago but we gave them away just prior to this move as we just didn't have space any longer. It brings back many happy memories!

  5. Beautiful! I love books; something like this would be great above some of my bookshelves! Wonderful idea.

  6. I just found your blog today. You two are amazing. I LOVE the book/ruffle monograms. How in the world do you think of these things! They are wonderful. I'm so happy I found you.

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