introducing kojobaby!

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We’ve needed to have a separate spot for our baby stuff on etsy for awhile, and now we have one!

Kojobaby will house our personalized onesies (the embroidered name ones and hand printed custom onesies as well!) and onesie add-ons like ruffled truffles, as well as baby shower invites, birth announcements and even kid’s birthday party goodies!

And every once in awhile, we may even throw skirts and dresses (and leggies!) in there… though, it’ll just be projects we’ve already finished- we’re still not up for custom sewing orders.

Stay tuned- we may even have a few kojobaby giveaways in store for y’all, once the Celebrate 1000 goodness is over. In the meantime, head over there and check out the new shop!

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  1. Oh, so cute, and flufyyyyy I wanna hugg, congratulations, is so amazing be a mommy, no words, just kisses… flowers for you…

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