mod bo peep, and a tutorial for ruffled sleeves

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Did y’all guess that our costume entry for sytyc was Mod Bo Peep? Yep, that was us… As a sidenote, isn’t our little model Ella stinkin’ cute?

Anyhow, we were thrilled to make it through to week 3 (which starts today, incidentally- head on over and vote!). Did you see the costume goodness from the other crafters? We loved Chica and Jo’s candy corn costume (too cute!) and can’t wait to make Heidi’s costume box!

We do plan on putting together the pettiskirt tutorial sometime (I’m sure you can tell that it is a bit involved)… but for now, you’ll have to settle for a tutorial to make the top of the costume.

To make the Mod Bo Peep top, you’ll need:
-freezer paper printed “Sheep?” onesie
-a sleeve pattern (or deconstructed onesie) in the onesie size you’re using
-long 2″ strips of nylon chiffon (I’d say I used a yard or two of the 2″ strips per sleeve)
-scraps of coordinating fabric at least as big as your sleeve pattern
-sewing machine and supplies

1. Ruffle your chiffon either by sewing a basting stitch down the center of your fabric and gathering or with a ruffler foot on your sewing machine.

2. Trace your sleeve pattern onto your coordinating scrap of fabric (my pattern was made by deconstructing a onesie and tracing the sleeve… you’ll note that I wrote the size 18-24 months on the pattern).

3. Cut out your ‘sleeves’ leaving a generous perimeter. I added a little pleat to each sleeve, so I made sure to cut my pieces longer than my template to accommodate the pleat.

4. Press the edges of your sleeve down. Also press a pleat in the top of the center of the sleeve. Stitch around the edges.

5. Pin and sew rows of chiffon ruffles onto your sleeve.


6. Pin your sleeve in place on your onesie. Hand stitch in place along the top edge. Done… well, done with the top of the Mod Bo Peep costume (or with any other shirt you were needing to add ruffled sleeves to!). Stay tuned for the pettiskirt bottom…

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  1. That is seriously the cutest outfit EVER. Oh I just love love love it. And well, that little model is pretty cute too. 🙂 You ladies are amazing. Seriously.

  2. I seriously need the tutorial for the peticoat to make one for ME in time for the Turkey Trot 5k Thanksgiving morning!

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