gift for guys giveaway- kindle/nook cover from Tha Meow

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It’s another Choose Your Own Adventure giveaway- this time for a kindle/nook cover by Tha Meow. And I can’t get over the fabulous graphic prints available! A sampling of the goodness:

Protect your Kindle/ Nook with this cute portable durable quality sleeve. During transit, provides protection in your backpack, bag, purse, suitcase or anywhere where it may end up.
This soft, light stylish case is designed to fit your:
~~ Amazon Kindle 1, 2, 3 and Barnes & Noble Nook.

* Exterior: Home Decor Fabric
* Interior: Felt made from Recycled post cosumer plastic bottles
* Sewn on Velcro Flap Closure.
* Fully lined with felt for extra cushion to protect your Kindle/Nook from getting scratched, scuffed and dust. The Felt also cleans your electronic from smudges/fingerprints.

There are also covers at Tha Meow for almost any other Guy Gear you think of- cell phones covers, digital camera covers, laptop covers and more, all available in fabulous guy-friendly fabric choices (LOVE the herringbone!). Check out the 4 Him tab for ideas!

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway (giveaway ends November 30th at midnight):
1- Leave a comment.
2- Follow this blog (and leave a comment saying so)…. if you’re already a follower, great! Just leave a comment saying you already follow us.
3- Favorite the Tha Meow etsy shop (and leave a comment saying so).

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