phd party how-to’s

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A few details on making the PhD party decor-

bookmark favors

fold book page in half and then in half again (tuck the second halves inside the fold so they’re hidden)

trim each end evenly and use decorative packing tape to seal off both ends

punch holes in the top and thread a pom pom or tassle through them… done! hang on the favor pegboard to display.

 upcycled pomanders

punch out a pile of same sized circles from an old book page (old text books are fun to use, especially if you can find one in the graduate’s area of study!)

fold the circles in half and glue the halves of two circles together. continue gluing halves together until you have a long, accordion like string of circles

place a doubled over loop of yarn into the center of the soon-to-be pomander and glue last two halves together

done! hang as party decor (these will double as Christmas ornaments later this year… love the double duty!)

congrats banner

print your message, one letter at a time, on old book pages

pin the pages to a ribbon

stitch along ribbon to secure the pages/letters in place and hang

circle garland

punch circles in various sizes

run through the sewing machine to stitch together

hang around a chandelier- lovely!

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  1. Wow- I am impressed! Great decorations and creativity here:) I especially loved the little "how-to's" along the way- I'll definitely be making some of those pomanders!

  2. What font did you use when printing the letters? I can't seen to find anything remotely close. THANKS! My sister is an English major and I just love these ideas!

  3. What font did you use when printing the letters? I can't seem to find anything close on my computer. My sister in an English major and these are PERFECT! Love all your ideas!

  4. @leslie Ardolino
    Hey Leslie! You'll have to send over pictures if you make the book-page garlands. I think the font is called "Circus." I usually get my free fonts at 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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