giveaway winners!

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Congrats to all of the Gifts for Guys giveaway winners!

A list of the winners:

Kimiko (#22) won a moosetache shirt and belt from baretree
Lee (#18) won a green dino laptop cover by lollington

Emilee( #4) won a bicycle silhouette t-shirt from one gear clothing

The Azams (#16) won a sasquatch reusable coffee cozy from one up designs

Melissa (#19) won a choose your own adventure kindle cover from Tha Meow Designs

Emillile Rose (#82) won a customized beer mug from simple and sassy

 Kristin (#2) won the argyle ipad cover from Borsa Bella

Rachel (#97) won a large bag of flavored cocoa from teton cocoa company

  The Hungry Crafter (#130) won a choose-your-own-adventure t-shirt from wearendo

Judy (#9) won a bbq rub from happy valley farm

 Tawny (#23) won a kindle cover from aries lane

Tiffany (#99) won a 16 flavor caramel sampler from fusion sweets

Kedran (#96) won a robots in love shirt from happy family

Chica and Jo (#73) won the lovely purse from emily at The Boy Trifecta 

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