kojotutorial: confetti ornaments

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A few years ago, I heard someone say that when God gives you women to know and love well, you should guard those friendships and recognize them as the precious commodity that they are.

Every Thursday night for the last two years, I’ve met with the same group of girls. We call it “Thursday Night Group,” but it needs a better name. It’s not really a Bible Study, or a prayer group (though I sometimes call it one of those)… it’s more just sharing life together. My Thursday Night girls mean the world to me. They are the precious commodity that woman was referring to.

While we aren’t exchanging gifts this year, I wanted to make my thursday night girls a little something for Christmas this year.

With that, I give you- confetti ornaments! Party on the inside, sentimental goodness on the outside, perfectly suited for a Christmas tree near you.

Want to make one? You’ll need-
-scraps of felted wool
-a clear ornament (buy a whole pack and make a bunch!)

1. Cut your felted wool into little triangles.

2. Push the felted wool triangles into the glass ornaments.

3. With a sharpie, add adjectives that describe the recipient around the ornament (be sure to add the year in there somewhere as well).

4. Add a felt monogram to the front, tie a ribbon hanger on the top, and you’re done! Personalized ornaments for the lovelies in your life!

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