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 the 2008 ornament (the buttons, etc. are attached with velcro, so you can reposition them)

Both Jordan and I have a weirdly fond affection for Christmas ornaments. Not only do we collect them on our travels and make them for each other every year, our family even has an ornament exchange.

Seriously, you should hear my house as we decorate our Christmas tree. “And that’s the ornament Aunt Jojo (that’s what Burke calls Jordi) made for me when she was in 8th grade… And that’s an ornament from my tree growing up… And that’s an ornament we got in Slovenia… And those are the ornaments Jordi and I made together a few years ago when I was pregnant with you…” I LOVE unpacking the ornaments and decorating our tree. It’s a nostalgic adventure. I mean, my Christmas tree is an uncoordinated mess, but a loveable uncoordinated mess.

And last night, I was going through the ornament tutorials in the kojo archives and thought I’d share them with you (especially since many of you weren’t here last year at this time!). The bonus is that last year around this time, we were doing a “Crafting from the Stash” series about how to make Christmas gifts using the materials you have in your craft room, so all of these ornaments were made with supplies I had lying around.

The Ruffle Pomander (if I were just judging based on looks, I think this one is my favorite)

The Pom Pom Wreath (the bonus being that you get to use your pom pom maker, and y’all know how I love that tool)

The Memory Tree (I plan on making a 2010 version of this one this year… I love the way it’s kind of the ‘year at a glance’)

Elmo (’nuff said… I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you even a little bit that this is Burke’s favorite)

The Felted Wool Monogram (lovely… and personal!)

The Ribbon Tree (I might try making a mini version of this one this year… oh how I love the rows of ribbon)

The Wrapping Paper Snowman (not only do I have a thing for ornaments, I have a thing for wrapping paper… this is a good way to use some of it up!)

The Monogram Tree (love monograms… and trees [apparently, since three of the ornaments are trees of some sort])

Favorite Book Ornament (this isn’t from the archives, this is a guest post at Creation Corner that we did last month)

Do y’all have this weird ornament-love like we do? Do you have any fun ornament traditions? What about ornament ideas? We’re always up for those!

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  1. My family loves ornaments! We do the Christmas Pickle each year. Do you know about that one? Some people look at me odd when I say that ha. And I also love an excuse to use my pom pom maker 🙂

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