procrasti-santa (and a felted wool geography ornament tutorial)

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I was putting together these geography ornaments today, wondering whether everyone else has their life more put together than I do? Probably you do. But if you’re still needing a gift or two (or if you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs, wishing for a project), you can put one of these felted wool geography ornaments together in twenty minutes.

To make one of these super-quick gems-

1. Print out a template of your state, province, or country (I used the font ‘dingmaps‘). Cut out your template. Trace the backside onto a doubled over piece of felted wool.

2. Cut out your wool shapes.

3. Place a little puff of batting in between your two layers of felted wool. Place a looped piece of twine at the top of your shape and hot glue in place.

4. Lift off the top layer, pipe hot glue around the perimeter. Set your top layer back in place and press around the edges.

5. If you’re trying to highlight a specific city, glue a felted wool heart in place as well.

6. Done!

Want a few more last minute project ideas?

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cocktail napkins

tea! tea! tea! wreath

little leggies

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ruffled newborn skirts

little lounge pants

What’s the verdict? Are you still working? Or are you twiddling?

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