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I know you’ve been waiting all day for me to post the results of last night’s Family Drink Contest. It’s important stuff, I understand.

The good news is that Adam and I DID come up with a name for our pomegranate glory- Cosmic New Year. The bad news, for Jord and I at least, is that Kedron and Patrick (our youngest sister and her husband) blew the rest of us out of the water to win.

Perhaps it was Kiji and Pat’s (and even baby Easton’s!) coordinating Grinch attire? Or maybe it was the fact that they rocked their presentation (they pulled out all the stops and used dry ice, people, dry ice!)? Or maybe Kiji’s jingle bell earrings were the clincher (very Christmas-Cheer-ish, and that IS one category for the judging)? Not to mention that their drink (a melon mojito) was delicious.

Whatever the case, our Cranberry Pear Sparkler, Cosmic New Year, Better Than Bailey’s and Citrus Peppermint Kiss entires didn’t stand a chance. I’ll rustle up some recipes for y’all and post them after the I Heart New Year’s Challenge wraps up.

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  1. That is a fun idea. Such fancy presentations, I love it. I have an Easton too – he is 6 though, but I love that name. Happy New Year!

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