kojotutorial: rolled fabric flower barrette

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It’s baby-time around here- Baby Evie is too sweet for words. Our week’s been filled with kissing and snuggling and hugging and loving her teensy-weensy-ness. Miraculous- just miraculous. I love the baby-doll-and-Evie lineup photo (Drew’s idea) above. And Jord is in crazy-great shape for having a baby a week ago- wow. I’m so proud of her. I just love having the chance to see my sisters become the most beautiful, caring, intentional mamas.

That said, we’re still catching up on Project Run and Play tutorials around here. Y’all are so funny about the Anthropologie ensemble from last week. Rest assured- tutorials for the yellow striped dress, the removable petticoat, the ruffled cardigan and the beaming featherfew knock-off pin are all coming… thanks for your sweet emails/comments!

We thought we’d leave you with a tutorial for the rolled fabric barrette that Joanie wore with her sweet yellow dress for Week 2.

To make one, you’ll need:
-two 3″ circles for each rosette
-hot glue gun and hot glue
-child’s barrettes with felt cover
-small piece of felt

1. Stack two pieces of fabric together- cut into 3″ circles.

2. Cut both layers into a spiral.

3. Glue the center of the spiral back onto itself. 

4. Begin wrapping (and gluing) the spiral into a rosette.

 5. Once you have three rosettes, hot glue in a trio onto a scrap of felt.


6. Trim around the edges of the felt base. Hot glue onto a felt covered barrette.

7. Pair with a sweet dress. Isn’t it the perfect accent?

ps- The voting for this week’s Project Run and Play is still open. It looks like Vintage Vail might do us in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you haven’t had a chance to vote, we’d love it if you would (though, to be honest, we’re honored to even have made it this far!).

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  1. LOVE that top picture – I had to do a double-take "hey, there's a real baby in the mix!" –

  2. Too cute! (the baby, the kiddo, AND the barrette) If I can dig some clips out of the supply bin, I may have to give this a whirl ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my words…she is beyond tiny and adorable. I am in love with that picture. I need to remmber that one. keep enjoying her!

  4. Hey are your tutorials gonna be available again? When I click on the link, it says subscription is canceled, and doesn't show any of your tutorials! I recently made your heart wreath recently & love it!

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