kojotutorial: school supply caddy

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This school supply caddy is the perfect gift for a teacher!

It’s kind of like the grown up, pocketed version of a crayon roll up. We put this one together for our mama (she’s one of those teachers that parents hope and hope will have their kids as students each year) so that she’ll have a place to keep a couple extra sharpened pencils, a sharpie or two, dry erase markers, erasers and a mini pencil sharpener all in one place as she works with small groups.

To make one for an extra special teacher (or student) in your life, you’ll need:
-a 13″x19″ rectangle of fabric
-a cloth napkin (well, just part of a cloth napkin, really); the finished edges make it an ideal candidate for the large pocket
-a fabric pen
-a 9″x12″ piece of felt or wool felt (for the mini pocket)
-a yard of thin ribbon
-14″ of thick grosgrain ribbon
-school supplies to fill the caddy up

1. Fold your long rectangle of fabric in half, right sides showing. Position your cloth napkin on one half of the rectangle as your main ‘pocket.’ With a fabric pen, mark the cloth napkin. Cut out the rectangle you marked. This will be your main pocket. Sew the two sides and the bottom, as well as little ‘channels’ for pencils and sharpies and dry erase markers (make these a little wider to accomodate the larger markers). Be sure to leave the top edge open so these channels can be used as pockets.

2. Fold your long rectangle in half again, right sides facing in. Iron the 9″ edges under and match them up. Then sew across the top 13″ edge and the bottom 13″ edge (one 9″ edge will be a fold and the other will be your ironed under, matched up edges).

3. Turn right side in. Tuck the middle of your thin fabric into the center of your open edge and pin. Stitch your open edge shut.

4. To make your small middle pocket, fold a 9″x12″ piece of felt or wool felt in thirds (like an envelope). Iron in place. Then stitch up the two sides, leaving the top open. Add velcro on either end, so your pocket will stay shut.

5. Iron your main rectangle in half, like a book. Wedge your small middle pocket into the crease in the middle of your ‘book.’ Pin your thick grosgrain ribbon along the outside crease, like the spine of a book (I ironed mine in half first to make it easier to work with, and also ironed the raw edges on the top and on the bottom of the grosgrain under as well) and pin in place. Stitch up this edge, securing your ribbon binding in place and also securing your middle pocket in place.

6. Fill with school supplies, tie the outside ribbon shut and give as a back-to-school gift!

ps- This tutorial was first seen on brown paper packages.

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