guest tutorial from annalea hart- rainbow felt mobile

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We love the world of blogging because it gives us a venue to make friends from all over the world… but we hate that at the same time. Sometimes it’d be fantastic just to hang out with y’all- to have girls’ night, to make play dates. 

For example, if we lived in the same town as Annalea (of Annalea Hart), we would hang out with her all. the. time. Well, as much as she’d let us at least- haha! She is sweet, genuine, creative, authentic. We love the way she strives to make treasured memories with her family and her willingness to rearrange her schedule and life so that can happen. And she has the best decorating style- you’d be amazed what the girl can fashion from a few thrift store finds! Best of all, she’s here today! With us!

I am an avid DeStasher.  Almost every project I make comes from something on hand.  But that doesn’t mean my storage bins and baskets aren’t overflowing.  I have a funny way of keeping every little scrap of material.  This series was made for girls like me.

I like spring cleaning. There is something refreshing about scrubbing clean the corners of each room, emptying out closets of winter accoutrement and giving the house a good airing.

But I struggle with a common crafter’s ailment: Stash Hoarding.  My love for spring cleaning fails me here.  I can’t get rid of these supplies!  I might be able to use them someday!

Well, I am slowly learning that someday just might be today.  That’s when I force myself to pull out those carefully stashed goodies and create.

I recently came across this drawer of wool felt scraps, leftovers from many a felt rose, and I knew that it was their time. (And I couldn’t fit any more scraps inside.) So I dumped out the contents and started sorting.

I began to separate colors.  Oooh, pretty rainbow.  Most of these scraps had a corner shape in common.  Inspiration was building.

I cut the scraps into tidy, but not too perfect, triangles.

Next up, I ran the triangles through my sewing machine.  I tried to vary up the shade and size, but again, not making anything too exact.  I wanted this to balance the geometric shape with an organic feel.

I ended up with seven colorful garlands and tied them to a yarn wrapped wire hanger.  Originally I envisioned hanging this mobile in front of a window for a curtain-y effect.  The rich wool looks oh-so-lovely in the sunlight.  But this would brighten up any spot in your home.  I am picturing it over a crib.  Or in front of a mirror.  You know, for a double rainbow effect.

Thanks so much for inviting me over, ladies!  You two are such an inspiration.  Love ya!

Happy DeStashing kojo friends!

Take a minute to stop by annalea hart, y’all. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be wishing you lived in the same town as her as well!  

Also, don’t forget to link up your Spring DeStash projects (anything you made using your stash!). The prizes are gift certificates from Felt on the Fly and The Fat Quarter Shop! 
Right now you have an almost one in ten chance of winning! WOOHOO!

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  1. oh my. i would have you over all. the. time. could you imagine the craft nights we would have? maybe someday we will meet in person – until then, long live blogs!

    thanks for having me over again.

    and thanks for the kind comments. have fun using up those scraps!

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