J Crew tee knock off tutorial

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We have good news for you. Today we have ANOTHER J Crew knock off guest tutorial! Back to back J Crew knock offs? I know! Fabulous, right? We are LOVING this series! 🙂

Before we get started with today’s JCrew-y gorgeousness, let us take a minute to tell you a few of our favorite things about our guest, Sarah from Welcome to the gOOd life! First of all, she is pretty much the queen of knock offs (see a few of our favorites here, here and here)… Seriously, the girl has never met a piece of clothing from Anthro that she can’t recreate! And her Shabby Apple dress design entry was so fabulous (and it won!).

Of course, we just love reading about how much she loves her family (seeing her darling creations for her daughters doesn’t hurt either!). And anyone who uses the word “modest-ify” (as in make more modest) is the one for us! Without further ado- here’s Sarah and her J Crew knock off-

Hi, my name is Sarah Tyau from Welcome to the gOOd life.  I am a wife and a mother of two girls, three and two years old and I own an online store, S.T Collection where I sell headbands and other pretty things.  My blog is about the good and the ugly of motherhood, marriage, my family, my beliefs and views on life, and DIY’s. I started doing DIY projects a year ago this month, to save money to make my husband happy, and I never knew it was this much fun! The feeling of an accomplishment I get when I’m done and I try it on, is awesome! And the fact that I saved more than 95% of the cost if I would’ve bought it at a store is pretty amazing as well.  So would you like to get started with me?
inspiration: J.Crew lace stripe tissue tee
in my closet I found this shirt from my last DIY
you’ll need: matching thread, 1.5-2 yards of lace(jo ann’s), pins or liquid stitch
1. lay the lace on the shirt to know the width and cut the lace in four pieces.
2. try the shirt on.  it always looks different when it’s worn than not.
then using pins or liquid stitch, put the lace in 4 horizontal stripes.
3. take the shirt off and sew it across.

Gorgeous right? For more loveliness, go check out Welcome to the gOOd life!

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While you’re at it, stop by Knock Off Decor, the sponsor of this little series. There is knock off goodness galore!

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  1. As always, Sarah, I love/like your version much better. Everything you make is so nice/pretty. Enjoy waiting for your next idea. Great inspiration!

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