banana republic cardigan knock-off tutorial

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Denver, widely known as the Mile High City, holds another (slightly less well known) distinction. It is the City of Dressing in Layers. You have to. The mild climate means that, even in the summer, you should always have a light jacket on hand. It also means that all across Denver, there are closets and dressers stuffed to the gills with a necessary array of cardigans and that stores at Denver malls feature large-but-still-picked-over cardigan sections.

Children’s wardrobes are not exempt from this unusually high cardigan requirement; I am always looking for layers for Piper Jane and Burke.

Enter this fabulous Banana Republic Peplum Cardigan knock-off. Simple to make, comfy and neutral, it has easily become a Piper Jane wardrobe staple… And even if you don’t have the high cardigan requirements that we do, you should definitely add one of these to your little one’s wardrobe!

Here’s a peak at the original (cute, right?).

To make a mini sized knock-off you’ll need:
-a long sleeved onesie a size (or two) larger than your intended recipient is currently wearing… I think a longsleeved t-shirt would work too, but haven’t tried it
-extra white jersey (if you’re using a white onesie/shirt) for the ruffles
-a snap

1. Cut off the bottom of the onesie, making a straight bottom edge. Find the center point (fold in half and mark) and cut up the middle.

2. Add a snap right below the collar. For stability, add an extra scrap of fabric to the onesie on the back of the fabric where each snap will go before you attach with a snap attachment tool (available near the snaps at JoAnn’s).

3. Ruffle long, thin strips of jersey by sewing a basting stitch down the center of the fabric strip and pulling taut. Ruffle three thicker strips of fabric for the back ruffles.

4.Pin the thin ruffled fabric strips along each side of the cardigan opening. Sew in place (careful with your stitching near the snap).

5. Turn one of the longer ruffled fabric strips upside down and backwards. Pin in place about three inches up from the bottom of the back of the cardigan and sew in place. Repeat two inches from the top and one inch from the top. You should have three tiers of ruffles on the back.

6. Pair with, well, everything your little one owns! So lovely!

ps- I strongly considered calling this post “Shake your tail feathers.”

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  1. Oh wow that's cute!

    I bet you could find a way to use one of the snaps that you cut off the onesie if you needed to!

  2. Okay, really? I die. Time to go attack some clearance racks, because I think all of our longsleeves are too small, not too big. I love this… SO BADLY. I want to put my little Olivia in cute springly clothes but guess who got like 4 inches of snow last night? We did! But that's okay, the colder weather means I can make adorable things like THIS!!!

  3. I think the Pacific Northwest where I live rivals you in the need for layering clothes…you just never know what the weather will be like! Thanks for the fun idea for making a fashionable cardi. I've been going crazy trying to find some decent ones to add to our upcoming baby girl's wardrobe.

    ps. Is there a tutorial lurking around your blog for the orange and white dress your little one is wearing? I've been admiring it for the last few days in the photos you've posted!

  4. I live in Denver – and ever since I moved here I have been collecting these light jackets for me and my kids! I love how you made this look so fancy! I am going to have to try this out on a bigger cardigan! Thanks for the post!

  5. This sweater is absolutely adorable!!! I have just started trying my hand at sewing and def want to try this for my little girl! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is soooooo cute! And it looks pretty easy to do as well – going to have to go through my little girl’s closet for unused onesies.

    1. It IS super easy (be sure to reinforce the snap- it makes it more durable). This little cardi goes with everything!

    1. What a sweet comment! That baby girl is now four (but still extra cute). These are such an easy, fun gift to put together!

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