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Hello Yellow friends!

Our house has been a flurry of yellow this week! We were getting ready for the Hello Yellow Happy Birthday to Addison, Alyssa, Annie, Burke, Caroline and Luca Bash… and then Burke’s actual birthday was later in the week, so the yellow goodness is still up. I’ve been so excited to share the details with y’all as part of Color My Summer!

Funny story about how we ended up at “Yellow” as a party theme- I started asking Burke what kind of birthday party he wanted a few months ago. His interests are all over the place, so the answers I got were also all over the place, usually pretty ‘character-y’ and sometimes pretty funny. Some of my favorites? His suggestions for an “Anglerfish Party,” an “Anteater Party” and “Luigi and Guido Party.” When he threw out, “How about we have a Yellow party?” I ran with it!

Enough blabbing- want to see some Hello Yellow Party pictures?

There were SIX guests of honor (Burke and five of his friends all have birthdays within six weeks of each other… which provides the perfect opportunity for one big, fabulous third birthday bash), all in coordinating attire (the dresses were made by my uber talented friend Kimiko!)…

…and decorations (aren’t the Color My Summer ruffled streamers fabulous? Thanks for the idea, Dana!)…

…and yellow yumminess…

…and a lemonade bar…

…and the hugest yellow pinata I’ve ever seen…

…and party hats (courtesy of the Oh Happy Day tutorial)…

…and yellow snow cones (with homemade pineapple, mango, and lemon syrups)…

…and bouncing! And general birthday merriment all around!

Seriously, even with a rainy day and a bunch of last-minute switching around, this was one of my favorite parties that we’ve thrown! I’m already trying to convince the other moms to make this an annual affair (see birthday parties 1 and 2 as precursors to this grand tradition). Maybe next year we’ll take on blue?

Don’t forget to check out the yellow fabulousness at Delia’s today as well (Lorajean has some greatness in store)!

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  1. What a fun and great idea to throw a party for all of them at the same time! It turned out beautifully! I love yellow – it's so happy! =)

  2. This party theme is awesome! I have said it before, but I will say it again…you guys really know how to throw a party!

    Can I ask where you got your striped straws?

  3. Awesome awesome party!! How fun! I love simple themes, and this one is just so cheery!! Great job guys!


  4. So happy to find this! My son's favorite color is yellow and I just thought of having a yellow party since all his interests are all over the place. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

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