color my summer ORANGE guest- katy from no big dill

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Today’s guest, Katy from No Big Dill, is the perfect guest to showcase the color ORANGE

She loves orange! Katy even has a whole category of Never Enough Orange on her blog. A few of our favorite No Big Dill orange projects? The O Pop dress, little orange pins, and an orange potholder.

Katy is also an seamstress (how gorgeous is that skirt)…

…an artist in her heart (who else would come up with a fabulous series based on children’s books called Once Upon a Thread? That’s her Stone Soup interpretation above.)…

…takes beautiful pictures…

…she won Project Run and Play (did you see all her beautiful entries?)…

…and we love her heart to parent well (did we mention that she has five, yep five, girls?). Her blog is a reminder to us that creating things is for the purpose of enhancing family life- not making it crazy or stressful. That reminder is always welcome!

Here’s Katy…
I love summer!  But of course that’s like someone saying my favorite part of the watermelon is the center…duh!  My number one goal this summer is to teach my girlies 5 to sleep in.  Can it be done? Probably not, as there is much too much fun to squeeze into the day during the summer, and one must get an early start at it.  Besides that, I plan on doing lots of sewing projects with my girls.  They’re all at different stages of ability and interest, but I’m hoping to find something for each of them to do, whether it’s “sewing” cheerios on a string, hand stitching a felt toy or making a pair of pajama bottoms on the machine.  Thank you Kirstin and Jordan for this very fun series, giving us all ideas of the many ways to make our summers more colorful!! 


Head on over to No Big Dill to see the debut of the Corsage Cuff….in orange, of course!

Go to the full tutorial here

And head on over to Delia’s for a bucket full of orange-y sunshine!

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