color my summer RAINBOW guest- anneliese from the aesthetic nest

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This final Color My Summer tutorial snuck right up on us, y’all! And what a note to go out on… Anneliese from The Aesthetic Nest has outdone herself with this cheer-y, rainbow-y goodness. But, really, if you read Anneliese’s blog, that doesn’t surprise you one bit!

Have you seen the parties she puts together? The attention to detail is fabulous (I love it that she always finds the perfect accents for her parties on ebay!). Don’t get me started on the cakes that always accompany the aforementioned parties, either.

And her sewing tutorials are so well put together and detailed… not to mention that the finished result is always the picture of loveliness.

Her pictures are gorgeous (did you know she just won Babble’s Most Beautiful Blog award?)…

…and her projects are (a few favorites? The 1-heirloom cut chenille blanket, couture skirt, engineer cap, picot and lace sweater.

We haven’t met Anneliese in real life (someday?), but I’m pretty sure if we did, she’d be the picture of authentic, joyful, sophisticated, loveliness. The way she infuses those things into the things she makes, into her home (isn’t that crib bedding fabulous?), and into her photography is certainly a bubbling over of Anneliese herself.

This Color My Summer series has me so excited for sunny summer days! Especially since we’ve had nothing but rain where I live. I have been anticipating each day’s contribution, wondering what the next color inspired idea would be. And looking forward to contributing my own. All the while it seems, it’s been raining outside…

But, I didn’t have to wait for the showers to end to see a rainbow. I picked ROY G BIV as my entry in this series and have been sewing the color spectrum rain or shine.

One of the many reasons I was excited to participate with Kojo Designs and Delia Creates was the opportunity to challenge myself. I love a challenge. I love it when some new project bumps its way to the top of my list. ROY G BIV was a chance for me to finally sew a rainbow skirt my daughter has been requesting.

If you have ever stopped by my blog, Aesthetic Nest, you know that my three daughters are the inspiration for most of my creative works. That said, Audrey’s idea for a rainbow skirt didn’t really get my wheels turning. After diving in, however, I remembered why I loved rainbows when I was her age. What could be cheerier? It’s hard not to smile when you see one arching over the puddles, or stickered all over a notebook, or stretching across a t-shirt.

So I say rainbow skirts for everyone! This tutorial will work for the young and the young-at-heart alike. My rainbow skirt is a wrap-around designed with plenty of white to make it pop and is fully lined for easier wearability. Hello summer!

 Thanks for the color Kirstin, Jordan, and Delia!

If you’re in the mood for a rainbow skirt you can find the tutorial here.

Don’t forget to check in with Delia for a little more ROY G BIV goodness.

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