color my summer tutorial- all fruit ROY G BIV popsicles

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Welcome to the first day of Color My Summer, y’all! We can’t tell you how excited we are to share summer-y tutorials in a whole bevy of beautiful colors over the next few weeks.

Today we’re going to kick things off with a tutorial for something summer-y, refreshing, colorful and good for you to boot!

First of all- I need to clear something up. Are y’all familiar with the term ROY G BIV? It is commonly used around here, but it seems (from a few email conversations I’ve had lately) like it might not be as commonplace in other households. Anyhow, ROY G BIV stands for-

And today’s little yummies fit the bill perfectly. Well, they’re missing blue and indigo… but close enough.

Now that that’s out of the way- onto our tutorial. To make all fruit ROY G BIV popsicles, you’ll need:
-a buffet of various fruits/veggies in a rainbow of colors
-100% fruit juice (we used white grape and limeade)
-popsicle molds
-a food processor

1. Pour your fruits and veggies with a little juice into the food processor and blend well. I think it’ll be fun to experiment with a whole range of produce combinations this summer, but for reference, this is what we used for each layer this time:
Red- strawberries with white grape juice
Orange- carrots, mangos, white grape juice
Yellow- mangos, pineapples, white grape juice
Green- limeade and mint
Purple- blackberries with white grape juice

2. Puree each produce combo until smooth, but don’t liquify (this has more to do with your fruit to juice ratio than anything else). If you start with green, then do yellow, orange, red and purple last, you don’t even have to rinse out the food processor between batches. Set each ‘layer’ aside….

…maybe sample for quality assurance.


3. Layer the various produce combos in ROY G BIV order in your popsicle molds. Tip- we had to put the limeade/mint layer in the freezer to slush-ify before we added the green layer.

4. Freeze and enjoy! These popsicles are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon full of relaxing…

…living it up with your best buddy…

…and just generally enjoying summer!

Oooh, two bonuses to note-
1. The all fruit factor is perfect for mama’s wanting a healthy summer snack.
2. These are a terrific project to take on with toddlers (even ones with a limited craft-capacity-haha!). Burke is almost three, doesn’t have an especially keen interest in making things with me, and we still had a blast making these together.

Happy popsicle-ing, friends!


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  1. Where did you get your popsicle holders/makers? I love that shape and have been looking for some new ones. I discovered that even teenage boys still like popsicles and some are even willing to lend a helping hand if there is a possibility of mango involved,

  2. Ha! I thought ROY G BIV sounded like some singer who must have played at woodstock. Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Very cute! Just an FYI–at the MO Early Childhood Teacher's Mtg I recently went to the NASA educator said that indigo was taken out of the rainbow & the curriculum. I found it curious…thought you might too.

  4. YUM! And what a fun idea for the month of may! I lOVE anything with color, that rainbow of park benches is so pleasing to my eyes:) Excited to tune in!

  5. They look wonderful, can't wait to try with my grandson & his cousin!! You can find various shapes of popsicle molds on…looks like I'll be making an order soon!!

    Grandma Pam

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