color my summer YELLOW guest- taylor from maryjanes and galoshes

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We love (love love love) today’s YELLOW guest- Taylor from Mary Janes and Galoshes.
We love her self proclaimed girliness…
…her seriously fabulous style (check out the MJandG booth above- so pretty, right?)…
…and lovely pictures!
Perhaps our favorite thing about Taylor, though, is her ability to infuse bits of loveliness into everyday life. Seriously, the girl has a gift for taking normal, everyday stuff and transforming it into something beautiful (as evidenced by the way she continually turns simple office supplies into home decor)! 

And we’re so thrilled that Taylor is here today as our Yellow guest for Color My Summer! YAY!

Yellow! I mean, hello….. I couldn’t resist! I don’t think anything says summer like the color yellow.  I have a bright yellow spring coat that makes me very happy after a long Wisconsin winter! So I’m very excited to have the color yellow to play with today for Color My Summer.

This summer I look forward to…. re-doing my deck and creating a usable space…. practicing my photography outdoors finally!…… trips to the zoo….. visiting the local botanical gardens…. farmers markets….. garage sailing (probably my favorite summer activity!)….. a picnic….. visiting the vineyards….. and ice cream of course!

When my husband and I bought our first house (which we recently sold) I didn’t believe in white walls.  Every room had color.  I love color!  Though my taste in home decor has drastically changed since then, I now use color in moderation, I still love vibrant colors.  I firmly believe they have the ability to effect the way you feel when you surround yourself with them.  As I mentioned, yellow is making me very happy and cheery lately.  I have even started painting my nails a bright sunny yellow which my husband finds quite interesting, but HEY, it makes me happy!

Enough about me…. your here for a project…. and I’m here to deliver!  Check it out.

Go see the summer-y, colorful tutorial here!

And be sure to check out Delia’s yellow goodness today as well!

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  1. oh my what a great introduction! Could you come do that everywhere I go 🙂 Thanks so much for having me today!!!!

  2. i was JUST saying yesterday that i wanted to make some sun visors for my daughter and i. this is next up on my to-create list. thanks taylor!

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