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Once upon a time, I set the unattainable lofty goal of always giving my kids, nieces and nephews handmade birthday gifts. Sometimes it works out for me, often it doesn’t.

This May, though, the stars aligned (or something) and I had handmade gifts for both Keadryn’s and Burke’s birthdays. Even better, since Burke is super into all forms of transportation (and especially cars and trucks), and since Kead is on an “I Spy” kick, I was pretty sure each of them would really love the gifts I’d made.

Sure enough, the I Spy Keadryn book was fabulously received. My now-4-year-old niece is both brilliant and spunky, and she loved the family photos I tucked into each page.

And Burke’s “Hanging Garage” (that’s what he calls it…) was also a huge hit! His favorite part is the special pocket I tailored to fit his Mac truck (the big red semi from the movie Cars). Burke’s a little OCD (like his mama), so having a spot for each of the cars and trucks in his collection is right up his alley (and mine too!).

Have you made any birthday gifts lately? Are any of your little ones into Cars and I Spy like Burke and Keadryn?
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  1. Great idea to add the family photos to the I-spy book! I just made an I-spy book for my son. Aren'they so fun!

  2. I love the homemade I SPY books! I hope I have enough time to get it {along with everything else} done for my Little Lotte's Birthday next month.

    I also want to make some homemade bean bags for her present!

  3. That "hanging garage" is so perfect! I have a nephew who would love that! Is there a pattern or more details somewhere that I could look at?


  4. I made someone from church a scarf. In her favorite color and everything.

    I have to admit though, when I don't see her wearing it, I think she might not like it. Which isn't good. I don't think I will make many more handmade gifts for people. Maybe every once in a while, like twice a year, but that's about it.

    But I'm glad to see the ones you made gifts for, enjoyed them thoroughly.

  5. I've done only handmade gifts for kids this year – including birthday parties – if only because I never make it out of the house, ha! I've done superhero capes (very well received, I guess it's hard to find nice boy dressup stuff, and personalizing it with the first letter of the birthday boy's name made him feel like a hero all right)… a princess dressup dress (just a simple one) … hair accessories … that kind of stuff! Kids love personalized things (who doesn't) and even a pillowcase is super exciting if it has their name on initials!

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