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I love everything Harry Potter. Love it. And I am so excited for the premiere of the final movie coming out in a month. For the last movie we got tickets a month in advance, camped out, played HP trivia and had a wonderful time.

We plan on doing it again, but since this is the last movie I just can’t commit to a t-shirt design! Will y’all help me out and vote on your favorite t-shirt by leaving a comment with which design you like best?

t-shirt #1:

  t-shirt #2:

t-shirt #3:

 t-shirt #4:

Voting will also enter you in a giveaway  and I will send you one of the final shirts! (make sure to leave a way for me to contact you!)

(p.s. I know some of these will make no sense if you haven’t read the series- just amuse me and vote anyway…even you, kirst!)

DISCLAIMER: Kirstin thinks I am such a total nerd for my Harry Potter love. I mean seriously I.love.harry.potter! She rolls her eyes (and makes up terms of her own) when I start speaking in HP. So this is 100% my thing and Kirst is in no way affiliated with any of my quirky HP love. 

Giveaway is closed. Congrats to Jenny, who won the shirt! You can still vote for the final design, if you would like and I will share the final design next month! 


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  1. I like #3, and I think thats an awesome idea for a shirt '____ is my patronus…' it could be anything…. r2d2, starbucks, etc. genius.

    Are you doing the harry potter project of doom weekly quilt blocks? they're AWESOME

  2. HP is definitely the best. I am so excited for the second part next month! I'm going with the t-shirt #4 as my favorite.

    I just love finding fellow HP nerds!

  3. I LOVE these. I don't know if I can pick a favorite…I'm torn between Harry's "to-do" list, and HP 7.2 with Snape's quote. But let's go with, Snape's quote.
    And let me just say that finding out other people are "Harry Potter nerds" makes me feel less like a nerd ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Love the Hermione shirt! Or the HP 7.2…. hmmmmmm tough one. But I think I would go with the Hermione one. It just makes me smile!

  5. I vote #4. I LOVE Snape! And I just realized that my-in laws will be here when the movie comes out, so we have free baby sitting to go to the movie. Yay!

    Even though I don't really have time, I want to reread the series before seeing the last movie.

  6. I love #4! I too am a Potter-phile (ooh, perhaps that sounds too much like pedophile) a Potter fanatic, rather. I'm so excited for the movie & also plan to make t-shirts. Here are some from years past: "Neville is my king!" "Mischief Managed?" (front) "NEVER!" (back) & before the 7th book came out "I trust Snape!" I love that Keep Calm & Carry On derivative that says "Keep Calm and Expecto Patronum"

    PS Love the new summery design!

  7. I totally can't pick between 1,2, and 3. But, alas I must. So I vote for 1. It is pretty hilarious. Although they are all great. Lovin' the HP love!

  8. Hee hee hee…they're all funny, but I think the "to-do" list one is my favorite because it reminds me of all of the HP adventures in the last few books.

  9. Its gotta be #4 as for me it completely changed the way I looked at the whole series and took what could sometimes be viewed as a children's book to a completely different level. Even now when I read that quote I feel I certain sadness and grief at the misinterpretation of a persons actions. Wow that was deep! I love HP too, maybe too much…

  10. I have to vote for #2, though my boys (die hard fans) might like a different one! Do you plan to sell them? My boys would love them!

  11. Definitely T-shirt Nr. 2…
    But they are all awesome. Very cool and it's definitely NOT nerdy to love Harry Potter…
    You don't have to include me in your giveaway. I live in Germany, so I'm not sure I am even allowed to participate. Anyway… I just wanted to leave you a message how cool those shirts are… LOVELY, MARVELOUS and MAGNIFICENT… ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I'm SUPER excited for the last part of the series… Did you see the trailer at the MTV-Movie Awards. Just made me even more excited for it…

  12. Jordan,

    First of all, I LOVE HP as well! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but luckily for me, I teach 4th grade, and they share my passion! My vote is for t-shirt #3…simply because Hermoine is my favorite HP character! She is brilliant and a true friend through every adventure!

    Hope my vote helps!

    -Heather (hschiesher@yahoo.com)

  13. I can't wait for the last movie, either! (Though I'm a little sad that there will be no Harry Potter to look forward to anymore.) My favorite design is the last shirt!

  14. My daughter is a HP fanatic too and she says to vote for #2, Harry's List. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do we really need to plan to camp out to see the first show?! I might have to make her wait!! Well, unless she wins the shirt, then I'd have to take her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love them all they make me so happy! I'm a HP nerd as well…my hubby even made a board game to play. Yeah I told you. harry. potter. nerds! But the top two are Harry's checklist and Hermione is my patronus. Sorry can't narrow it down more than that, although I think they all are great ideas/quotes. Can't wait for the movie!

  16. I love design 3 the most and 4 the second-most, LOL. I don't like to have anything that might give away things about the series… my husband is on book #4! peakmo (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. Total nerd here. I like number 3 just because I love Hermione but number 4 gave me goose bumps, I think it is perfect.

  18. I almost didn't open it because I thought you were doing something with Hewlett Packard…lol.

    I love HP – and my vote is for #3!!! Hermione rocks!

  19. LOVE IT! We are HUMONGOUS HP fans at our house. Our 8 year old has read the first three. I think she would love the Hermoine shirt, but I like the to-do list too. Awesome.

  20. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! My favorite is t-shirt #2. What fun designs and fun ideas! I can't wait for the last movie! WOO HOO!!!

    mdpntemp (at) hotmail (dot) com

  21. Harry Potter rocks, I'm sad for it all to be over :/. Hermione is my favorite character so I'd have to say I like number three the best!


  22. I have to vote for shirt #4 just b/c I know my hubby would love love love it. He's a Snape kinda guy.

  23. Oh, would you have my sister in law get along!!!! I'll have to send her to this post! I love Harry Potter also, though not enough to camp out for the premier….
    I love T-shirt #3. Hermione rocks! I hope that design wins, and that I win it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. I'm thinking #2. I have seen all the movies, but would like to read the books.
    rachkatt at gmail dot com

  25. jord- i love your passion for HP even though I don't share it with you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like #4 just for the way it looks… b/c i don't understand any of them ๐Ÿ™‚ ha

  26. uh, me and my sis speak in spells sometimes, so I SO get your HP fever! I cannot wait either! yay! I love the second one, the to do list is hilarious!

  27. #3 with #4 a close second.
    I would definitely wear #3 to school (where I teach).
    ellaredstar (at) gmail (dot) com.

  28. I like #2. You are so awesome for coming up with these ideas. I want to make some shirts for my husband and me now!

  29. Haha! Those are fantastic!

    It's a serious toss up between #1 and #4… but I'm going to have to go with #4 because I LOVE that Snape was the underlying hero and always so true to Lily.

  30. LOVIN" Harry's To Do list! Perfect for the final movie!

    Have you seen the clip that was released at the MTV movie awards. It is the "killing curse" clips…I almost cried I'm so excited!

  31. I like number 3! It' cool to see what's been checked off and what still needs to be done.

  32. Your shirt designs made me *squee* like a fangirl! I love the Hermione is my patronus. Nerdy girls of the world, unite!

  33. #3. One of the BIG milestones in our house will be the day we share HP with our kids. They are all still a little young.

  34. These are AMAZING. I love every one. I guess #4 is my absolute fav. It would be cool if the "Always."- said Snape was on the back. Harry Potter rocks!

  35. This post made me so happy. I'm currently re-reading all of the books before the last movie comes out. I'm on book 4 and it's been 6 days. I forgot how incredibly addicting they are!!

    I loooove #3. It's so me. Hermione is definitely my patronus.

  36. ok it's either 3 or 4… hm… It's so hard! eeny, meeny, miny, moe…….

    Alright fine. I love them both, but we're going with 4. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Can't belive I missed this one…Am a huge HP fan…Am so jealous that you guys will be able to see the movie in 1 month…it usually takes another few weeks to get worldwide distribution but I am thinking of having a trip to the US pretending its a summer vacation or something (Hubby will probably see right through this pretence…thinks this HP love is freaky)…I love the Hemione is my patronus shirt. must get me one of those for the local premier…so relived there are more people like me outthere…

  38. I LOOOVE Harry Potter, too! Totally having a HP movie marathon with the hubs this week. I love the patronus t-shirt. All of them are awesome!

  39. Do you have a make love not horcruxes shirt? ๐Ÿ™‚ I like #3 but don't love the font… I think #4 is my favorite. Have you seen the HP love on pinterest? Heather Bailey even tweeted about HP vocab yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you know wonder woman wears a Diadem!?

  40. DEFFFFFFINATELY "Hermione is my patronus"…funniest thing I've seen in forever! I would wear that shirt with pride!!!

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