hyatti- beach bums

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A few more words for our week- saltwater taffy, sand dollars, crab for dinner, sandy walks, two birthdays and two anniversaries, matching cousins, brewery tour, sand castles with alligator moats, farmers market, crashing waves, beachy sunsets, vibrant starfish, not enough hours!

Add in the fact that it was 65 degrees all week long (my favorite weather ever! Especially after the heat box it’s been it Lubbock!) and my heart is about to burst!

We didn’t exactly intend for our blog to be a travelogue, so I promise this is the last beach post. Well, besides all of the fun stuff we have to show you (think yummy recipes for drinks and cake and a sewing tutorial or two!).

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  1. Everything looks so perfect … makes me long for a big family vacation. And the tour of Rouge brewery sounds right down our alley! Love reading about you girls' adventures… XOXO Emily (at Timber Wolf Lake)

  2. Looks like the perfect place to have a vacation with your family. I live near the ocean, but it is summer and the traffic is so bad, it isn't worth going.


  3. Just LOVELY! Looks like you guys had a fab time! And 65 degrees….wonderful. I'm 80 miles from Lubbock and I agree….the heat stinks. So I'm living through your pics….ahhhhh, beach vacation!!

  4. Heaven. Happiness. Just perfect. I love it all. Being with family. Celebrating happy occasions. Those are truly some of my favorite things. It looks and sounds so wonderful

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