hyatti- HP 7.2 (or I love Harry Potter)

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My Life this week included- watching all of the previous Harry Potter movies, a Big Ol’ HP Countdown, and even the title “Harry Potter Day.” Oh, and of course, wearing our Harry Potter’s To Do List tshirts to the premiere on Thursday. Yes indeed, it was a good week.

Did any of you see it?

ps- Today’s post is part of a series called Hyatti, which means “My Life.” I love the chance to share little glimpses of regular life every week with y’all.  

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  1. I saw the movie as well and I was NOT disappointed. It's sad that it's come to and end, but I did my real grieving at the end of the books. The movies to me are just a bonus.
    I think Neville Longbottom stole the show. 🙂

  2. Oh you bet I was at the premiere on Thursday! We have an awesome local theater with shows that are 21+ only, so I didn't even have to see it with a bunch of teeny-boppers! 🙂

  3. saw it at 11:00 am Thursday…figured the last movie deserved a "day off" was a bit disappointed but mainly since it is the end of it all…after all the books came out the movies were all that was left. went home a bit sad and gloomy and situation did not improve when BF said: "are you realy getting upset over a bunch of pale englishmen running around pointing sticks?"…I think I need to break up with him….

  4. I saw it and wore my shirt, of course! My husband and I did the same thing last week… watched a movie a night leading up to the last one. So sad that it's over! Love those books. Thanks so much for the shirt. 🙂

  5. I saw it and was totally blown away. I was nearly in tears for about half of the movie. Can't wait to see it again!!

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