hyatti- whales, redwoods and the oregon coast

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Hey all! Kirst here today, commandeering Jordi’s weekly feature so that we can share some family vacation pics. To be fair, we’re all here together, so it really IS a little glimpse into her life this week as well.

We’re staying at a beach house on the Oregon Coast and lo-oving it! Do any of you live near Lincoln City, Oregon? Gosh, it is gorgeous around here. And for those of you Northern Californians out there- Wow. Pretty much that’s all I can say- Wow.

Between gray whales and harbor seals and giant redwoods and beach exploring, we are loving the sites.

Even better, I think there are few things as fantastic as the pride you feel getting to see your siblings as their fabulous, caring, grown-up selves, caring for their own spouses and kiddos and pursuing the callings the Lord has given to each of them. What a gift.

Throw in some dominoes, a serious dose of teasing, a permanent Diet Coke Run partner (though, tragically, no Sonic) and the sweetest little cousin love you ever did see and you have yourself One. Great. Vacation. Seriously, my stomach still hurts from all of the laughing yesterday. And the best news of this post? We’re still here for six more days (more pics to come!).

What’s your favorite part of hanging out with your ‘grown up’ family? Do you play dominoes? Any favorite family traditions? Have any of you been to the Oregon Coast?

ps- Today’s post is part of a series called Hyatti, which means “My Life.” We love the chance to share little glimpses of regular life every week with y’all.   
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  1. I am a NW girl of the Portland variety. LOVE Lincoln City! I always wished I had siblings to do those sort of things with! ENJOY!

  2. I live in Salem, which is about an hour away from Lincoln City, so that's where we end up when we head to the coast. Hopefully you'll have good weather for the rest of your trip. If you get a chance you should venture south and go to the aquarium at Newport. It's definitely something not to be missed.

  3. I live in Bend, recently moved from The Dalles and love Oregon. It's fun living on the sunny side of Oregon and then visiting the coast and stuff. About a month ago we did 5 days in Nehalem Bay 🙂

  4. I love family time. Truly, nothing is better. I was at my sisters in Vegas earlier this week with some time with her family and then turned around went home, repacked, and am now in Northern California visiting my husbands family. I love family time. I love sibling time. And yes, Northern California GORGEOUS! Every time we come out to visit my in laws I think how lucky they are to live in such beauty. I hope they never move. (Unless they want to move closer to us…but still I would miss getting to visit here.) Keep enjoying your time together! It looks just lovely.

  5. head south and take the kids to the aquarium in Newport.
    Be sure to hit the grocery store and pick up some Tillamook Cheddar cheese- the only cheese there is in my book!!!!

  6. How funny that I arrived on your blog from Pinterest & the first post I see is about Lincoln City! I live in Salem, so Lincoln City is like a second home for us. In fact, we've been there the last three weekends straight!

  7. Awww we love the coast! We are camping just at Devils lake later this summer (about 5 mins from Licon City) Great to hear you are enjoying it! Have a great reast of your vacation! I second taking the family to the aquarium! The tunnles are amazing!

  8. We did this exact same trip last year. We stayed at a beach house in Lincoln city for 3 days and then drove down to the redwoods for a few more days. It was one of my favorite trips of all time. I still think about it, it's a beautiful and stunning area.

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