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If you were celebrating the 4th of July yesterday, I hope it was great (ours started with a small-town, flag waving, candy-catching parade and ended with on a hill with fireworks in all directions!).

When I shared the round up of patriotic duds last week, several of you emailed asking about the Great Dane applique. I put together a little tutorial for you- but first, a little backstory-

Our sister, Kedron, has always been a Dog Person. And now she has her own (horse-sized) puppy great dane to lavish with hugs and attention… Elle (the dog, not a person), is one well-loved dog.

Of course, an Elle appliqued onesie for my nephew was an order.

And after I included the Man’s Best Friend onesie on the blog, I found out that y’all are Dog People as well. 🙂 Luckily, making the onesie with a silhouette of Elle on it was easy peasy… you can totally make one too!

You’ll need:
-a onesie/tshirt
-an applique sized fabric scrap
-fusible webbing
-a silhouette view picture of your dog (online)

Bring up your dog picture on your computer screen. Make sure it’s about the size you’d want an applique to be.

Tape your fusible webbing to the screen and trace the dog silhouette onto the webbing.

Iron the webbing onto your fabric scrap.

Peel off the backing and iron the applique onto the onesie. Stitch around the perimeter of the applique.

Done! Your Man’s Best Friend silhouette on a onesie.
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  1. I am a great dane owner as well, I LOVE this!! Might have to reblog and link back to ya 😉

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