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Babies seem to come in waves around here- we’re in the middle of one right now! And try as I may to plan ahead and schedule showers, I’ll be honest, sometimes a due date just sneaks up on me (I know, terrible, right?).

Luckily, I have a little stash that I call my “Ready Made Shower.” It’s a supersimple, all white setup- just add brunch foods on white platters and you’re bridal or baby shower ready! As we were pulling together this impromptu baby shower, I thought, “Everyone who throws showers should have one of these all-white stashes in their stash!”

Things to keep on hand for a Ready Made White Shower:
White cake mix, white baking cups, vanilla frosting, white sprinkles (or shredded coconut!)
 White cupcake toppers
White/neutral “Congrats” sign
A white garland (I followed this hank + hunt tutorial… isn’t the finished result fabulous?)…
…or two (tutorial here)!
White platters, cakestands and servingware…
… and white pom poms or paper lanterns.
And Voila! A solution to all your sneaky due date (or rapidly approaching wedding date) needs!

Do you keep anything on hand for emergency baby/bridal showers? What’s in your stash?

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  1. Genius. I have nothing on hand. But then again no one's ever asked me to throw them a party. I adore that ruffle-y garland. I think I'll make one to use every day.

  2. I love this idea and those garlands are spectacular. And the white is so incredibly sophisticated and classy. You wing a last minute shower BEAUTIFULLY!

  3. You are amazing. This ready-made shower looks so well-planned. If it were my shower I would be none the wiser. I would feel so special that you did all this just for me. It looks awesome and elegant. Love it!

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