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I hinted at this, but we’re finally finishing up Piper Jane’s nursery (yep, I know she’s one already). I am loving it for several reasons.
1- I love finishing projects that have been looming. Loose ends being tied up = totally my cup of tea.
2- Adding things over a whole year means that the room is full of things that I really, really love, and that there isn’t much ‘fluff.’ Now I want to take a whole year to finish every room.

The feel that I’m going for in Piper Jane’s room is girly and pretty. A few rooms that I love:

left to right, top to bottom
Vivien’s gorgeousness (via ohdeedoh)
Penelope, I love your space (via ohdeedoh)
I swoon at those paper lanterns (via)
Zoey’s sweetness (via ohdeedoh)
Oh Presley, how I love your room
Violet’s sweet space (via ohdeedoh)
Love the streamlined coral in Ave’s room
Norah’s sweet nursery
Adore this beauty by ashleyann

And the palette (coral-ish, yellow-y, cream, taupe and a teeny bit of aqua)-

And, of course, the To Buy/Find/Make List (most of this is in progress)-
-Throw pillows (two different ones)
-More wall decor
-Curtains, ruffle-y ones
-Some sort of travel decor
-Bedding (maybe a quilt?)
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  1. Great colour palette! We are also in the middle of sorting out the baby's room and some of the items on your 'to do list' sound familiar. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

  2. Love all those room ideas too. What a great idea to take a year and get it done how you want. Maybe that is what I need to do. Pick a room a year I want to work on. If I get done early then I can move to the next, but I also do not need to feel stressed. We have lived in this house for 2 years now and I have only finished one room to my liking. I keep working on all the others at small bits at a time. But, really, if I just picked one room it would probably be so much easier…and less over whelming 🙂 (It has taken me so long to do other rooms too because we bought a fixer upper house and we have spent so much time working on fixing up projects decorating was always getting a bit put off…financially too…haha)

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