little miss priss nautical first birthday party

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My baby girl is ONE! I can’t believe how quickly a whole year has flown by since we welcomed Piper Jane into our family. A few of my favorite things about her- she is mostly-spunk-with-a-dash-of-sweet, her adorable tooth-y grin, the way she kicks her legs and points when she sees horses, dogs, and animals at the zoo, that she sucks her left thumb and holds her right ear when she’s sleepy, the way she adores her brother and tries to copy everything he says and does, her mostly bald head with little curls behind her ears. How I love this girl!

We had a small, intimate, mostly family party to celebrate our Little Miss Priss (that’s what we call her… or Miss Prissy… Burke throws out “Missy Chrissy” every once in awhile). Enough mama-gushing- one she is! And party we did!

This preppy, nautical party was perfect for our Little Miss Priss. 
My parents have this amazing loft that was the greatest backdrop for our nautical party. The ladder staircase, built in bunks and sloped ceiling all give such a boat-ish vibe! 
Blue and white pinwheels in a navy striped vase
Small paper boats, navy and white striped fabric
Foamboard ‘yachts’ with paper chain waves
“Piper” banner with corresponding nautical flags
Blue and white striped canopy
Crab Rolls (and tuna rolls for the non-crab-eaters) and cheesy crab biscuits
“Seaweed and Seastars” (aka- salad with star shaped cucumbers) 
Watermelon sailboats
“Sanddollars” (fried pickles)
Sandpail cake

Cupcakes with preppy grosgrain flags. Also, to drink, we had berry blue juice bottles (tied with green and pink ribbon), and strawberry limeade with floating limes.
Yacht cut outs, paper chain ‘waves,’ and a sailors hat made for some nautical kiddie fun (and some super cute pictures!). The boats were “Sassafrass,” “Little Miss Priss,” and “Smooch #2,” all nicknames of the Birthday Girl.
The favors for this party are the reason I LOVE throwing small parties! There are so many great things you can do when there isn’t a huge guestlist.

Happy birthday, sweet Piper Jane!

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  1. im so impressed 🙂 you guys are rock star party planners…the cake in the bucket…genius! and what a great way to use crepe paper!

  2. I don't even know how you come up with these ideas. TOO CUTE!!!

    Sometime will you price out one of these parties for us? I love the ideas of going all out with a fun theme, but I always think it must be expensive. Looking at your decor though, it's all soo cute but probably not too much? I need party budget help please!!!

  3. oh my cute party!!! love the photo booth props and the food looks delish! i'm totally coveting your parents loft though…how fun! are you recovered?? it's a lot of work, huh??

  4. I love your paper sailboats and was wondering where you got this paper. Is it printed with a different design on each side to allow you to get that look? You really have some fun ideas!

    1. Hey Jackie! The paper is just scrap book paper (from Michaels/Archivers/etc). I followed a paper sailboat tutorial (like this one- and then made a little ‘sail’ in contrasting paper and slid it on top of the boat. You could also glue two patterned pieces of paper together or used two sided paper, though!
      If you make them, send over a picture. I’d love to see them!

  5. Is there anyway I can buy the “Catch of the day” template to print at home? I would love to use that idea! I’m throwing a nautical themed party for my daughters first birthday.

    Please e-mail me camillebethany at @ gmail dot com

      1. I would also love to buy the “Catch of the day” template…will you please let me know the details? Thanks!

    1. Brittany- I made them. I can list them in the etsy shop if you want- just let me know. 🙂

    1. Hey Stephanie- I used small flat cellophane bags (I think I got them at Joann’s). Hope that helps!

  6. Love your ideas! You are very creative 🙂 Was curious if you have the template for the “catch of the day”? I am having a nautical themed 1st birthday party for my daughter and definitely have goldfish on the menu and thought your idea was darling!

      1. Hey Kelly- thanks for the kind words! We don’t have that computer file any more (lost it in a hard drive crash)- sorry!

  7. Is there any way for me to get the catch of the day printable? I love it and my grandbaby is having a nautical themed 1st birthday. Thanks

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