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Goodness knows that we love treat buffets- apothecary jars filled with jelly beans and macaroons all in a row on white platters- yum!

And kudos to the genius party planners who are making up all sorts of variations on this treat buffet theme. Yep folks, the horizon of treat buffets is broadening! A few we love?

This Root Beer Float Bar (via Flexx Productions)?

Or this Coffee and Donut Bar by Divine Party Concepts?

Or this oh-so-fabulous S’mores Bar (via Style Me Pretty)?

And I a.dore. this Fruit and Veggie Table by Esther Kim of My Bride Story (via Amy Atlas)!

Jord (who leans towards the salty end of the spectrum) is all about putting together something savory, like this Spud Bar (via Somewhere Splendid)…

…or this Mac ‘n Cheese Bar (via Kara’s Party Ideas).

Of course, we love bandwagons (especially ones with the promise of deliciousness)! Our latest shindig,  included One Happenin’ Donut Hole Bar complete with dipping sauces, toppings, and a custom-made donut hole tree. It was a hit!

And the star of the retro garden baby shower (shared here) was a Hazelnut Bar (in honor of baby Hazel!). What can we say? We like bars. An buffets. And themed food lineups.

Have you seen any fabulous themed bars or buffets lately?
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  1. I love all of those ideas. The donut and coffee bar would make such a great treat for moms after the kids go back to school.

  2. I love those buffets. I wouldn't have thought of a Fruit and Veggie Table. I love the way it looks! Thanks fora sharing the ideas.

  3. so i have a question that isn't completely buffet related, but thought you might have some good ideas for me; in all of these buffet photos, and in any adorable table presentation really, you never see any hot items – for ruby's birthday party, i have 1 food item that will need to stay warm but i struggle with placing an unsightly crockpot on the table – any advice?? 🙂 thanks! (p.s. happy birthday to piper jane too!)

    – ang(dot)noteboom(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I LOVE those bars, every bar is specially and very nice. Thanks for sharing! Coffee and Donut Bar is great for a farm party, the color of oh-so-fabulous S'mores Bar are wonderful!

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