the glitter party (and a step-by-step party planning how to)

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Have I mentioned my love for my sister-in-law? Having her (and my brother) in Denver has been SO fun! So when Tricia was putting together a “Throw Some Glitter, Make it Rain” (yep, those are Ke$ha lyrics- ha!) bachelorette party for her BFF, I was super excited to help with some of the details.

Even better, in case you have room for a Glitter Party in your life, I’ve put together a start-to-finish party plan just for you!

Glitter Party Menu– Since this little glitterfest was just the afterparty, it was a treats only affair- cupcakes three ways (the bride-to-be lo-oves cupcakes)- dark chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and coconut flakes, dark chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting and pink sanding sugar, and dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and coconut flakes. Also, coconut macaroons (the bride-to-be also loves coconut).

Glitter Party Decor– The real fun in all of this was putting together the sparkly, shimmy glittery decor-

glitter garland (the pom-pom-y one)- how to here,

spinny chandelier garlands,

feather boas in apothecary jars,

“Throw $ome GLITTER Make It Rain” garland,

sparkly high heel cupcake toppers (to make these, Trish cut out cardstock high heels, decorated with glitter, feathers and beads and then hot glued a toothpick on the back).

Put it all together and what do you get? Glitter, sparkle, and shine all in one party.

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