fabric bow cupcake topper two ways

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We’ve never met a cupcake topper that we didn’t like. Seriously. And even though we have four or five “must make” cupcake toppers on our list, we just keep coming back to these fabric bow cupcake toppers. They’re easy to make, they look terrific, and they can be made from fabric scraps- fabulous on all counts.

Want to make some for your next party? The tutorials below include a couple of different ways to make these little lovelies! 🙂

For the yellow bow cupcake toppers-
Rip (or cut) small strips of fabric- about 1” wide and 5” long.
Fold the two ends over each other until they overlap with the right sides facing out.
Pull one end through. While the knot is still loose, push a toothpick into the center of the opening.
Tighten the knot and push the toothpick until it is firmly lodged in the knot (don’t wiggle it too much or the bow will slide down the toothpick instead of staying put at the top).
Make a whole fleet of fabric bow toppers and use them to decorate a batch of yummy mini cupcakes!
For Fabric Bow Cupcake Topper #2 (the linen ones)-

Instead of tying the fabric together, cut a rectangle of fabric…

…and cinch it in the middle with a ribbon.

Then, hot glue the ribbon back to itself on the back of the topper and attach to a stick with more hot glue.

Voila! Bow topper loveliness!

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