torn fabric garland tutorial

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There are lovely examples of these fabric garlands all over the internet. They’re just so gorgeous.

To make one of these lovelies yourself, you’ll need
-a ribbon or strip of fabric for the base

1. Tear thin strips of fabric (mine were about 2″ wide). You can make these as long as you’d like (I’ve seen really long ones!), but mine were about three feet long.

2. Take one strip of fabric, fold at the center. Put the center loop one side of your base fabric/ribbon (I used another length of torn fabric).

3. Take the two ends and tuck them back through the loop.

4. Pull tight. Add to each side with lengths of coordinating torn fabric (as a side note, I can not think of a palette that wouldn’t be gorgeous for this… all white? Coral, aqua and yellow for Piper Jane’s room? Kelly green, black and white? Sunny shades of orange, yellow and red? Lovelovelove!).

5. When your garland is nice and thick, use it to decorate lemonade bars and birthday parties and baby showers. I think they’d even be gorgeous as home decor!

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  1. Saw something like this, but with smaller strips, at a craft fair the other day. They tied the strips on a string of lights. So cute! That's what I will be doing this weekend. I have some scraps that match a wreath I made for Christmas. Can't wait to see it!

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