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We are beyond lucky to have Tiffany from Lemon Tree Creations and Happy Day as our Gifts for Guys guest today!

Tiffany is one of those girls that does everything- she has such a great eye (she’s always finding vintage treasures and making them even cooler than they already are), she throws parties, she makes fantastic holiday decor (LOVE the mini pillow ornaments she shared last week), she’s a baby gear pro (I die for those bibs! And Mia in the pieced jersey dress is just about the cutest thing ever!). Better yet, she is such a genuine friend, a thoughtful mama, and a sweet encouragement! I feel so lucky to have her as a friend.

And she’s here (again for a second year!) sharing a fabulous Gifts for (Little) Guys tutorial!

Hi! I am Tiffany and I share my sewing/crafting endeavors over at Lemon Tree Creations and my adventures in motherhood over at Happy Day.  I am a huge fan of KoJo Designs!  The blog is terrific and the girls behind it are even better!  Kirstin is the best friend that I have never met in person, you know the type. I am so happy to be here sharing a gift that I created for my little guy.

Here are the guys I am so thankful to have in my life…
My little guy thinks Pirates are neat and loves to say, “Rrrrr, Matey”
quite often so he inspired my newest kit – P is for Pirate.  He
will find it under the tree Christmas morning and I can’t wait!
Every pirate needs an eye patch, of course.  Preferably a soft
one that won’t irritate little eyes.
1.) Cut a little pattern out of paper the size and shape you wish your
patch to be.  Use the pattern to cut out two eye patch pieces
from black felt.
2.) Cut the bottom off of an old t-shirt.  Measure it on your
little guy’s head (in a sneaky kind of way) to ensure a good fit.
3.) Place the ends of the t-shirt band inside the two felt pieces and
pin them together.
4.) Sew together using a machine or by hand.  Sew an X on the
middle if you want.
Now you have a super tough (but soft) eye patch for your little

I purchased a thin canvas bag at a local craft store and used my iron-
on fabric transfer paper to label the bag.

I typed my label on the computer and printed it as a mirror image.
I cut around the words and ironed it to my bag.
Then I added a mini unfinished wood treasure chest to the kit with
some wooden checker pieces to serve as the treasure.  I left them
unfinished so that the little pirate can have a special project to do
I also added a treasure map, a pirate book, and a black bandana.
There are so many other things that could be added to the pirate kit
such as a compass, a hat, a sword, etc.  The options are endless
with this gift and it can be personalized to suit the little guy in
your life.
I just can’t wait to see my little guy wearing his eye patch.  I
tried it on but it’s just not quite as cute on me.  Ha.
My little guy tells us what he wants most is a “big monster truck”.
 It’s going to be a fun Christmas for sure!
Thanks girls for having me today!  It has been a pleasure to be a
part of this awesome series!
I lovelovelove this idea! Don’t forget to say hi to Tiff at Lemontree and Happy Day!

Also, we’re over at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar today as part of Cheri’s CHRISTmas series. We’re sharing a set of Advent Ornaments that Burke and I made (and can’t wait to use!). 

Come on by and check ’em out!

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