DIY rocket ship crinkle toy

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Oh how I love today’s Gifts for Guys guest, Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create. Seriously. Love.

Not only is Heidi the queen of headbands and girly goodness, she crochets some serious gorgeousness, she makes mundane things like zippers into things of beauty, she is a design genius (her blog has a different lovely look each season), and she shares her wealth of blog design knowledge with the HTML challenged (like me!). She also takes gorgeous pictures. And she is such a good friend (she has been the recipient of more than one woe-is-me email- haha!). Did I mention that I love this girl?

And today she’s here with a Gift for Guys tutorial for us!

Hi!! It’s Heidi from sew.craft.create.
SOOO happy to be here ’cause I LUV Kirstin and Jord!!!  
I must admit, I’m INTIMIDATED by boy projects! Until recently all of the kidlets were girls {so there are a lot of girly crafts ’round my house!}. That is, until this guy came along.
 We lovingly refer to him as “little-man-child” round these parts. Now I need to start making man-toys! and what better for a little baby boy than a…
The best part about this? you get to recycle water bottles! 
{make sure you grab the kind with the ridged surface!

{not pictured: needle, thread, liquid stitch, & batting}
and you’re done!!! 
Hop on over to my blog sew.craft.create. to say “howdy!” 
Thanks KoJo!!!
Don’t forget to go say hi at Sew.Craft.Create, y’all!

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  1. SO cute! That rocket ship is amazing. The bottle makes me a bit nervous so am going to make this the with Crinkle Paper material american felt and craft sells. Do you think I will still need the batting?

    1. I don’t think you’ll still need the batting… if you have some on hand, perhaps you could try it with and without to see?
      Let me know which you end up going with!
      And thanks for the compliments for Heidi- she’s my roomie at Snap- I will pass on the good words! 🙂

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