of loneliness and bees

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cousins at the airport before our big farewell… they melt my heart

THANK YOU for all of your emails and comments after my Impending Loneliness post last weekend. Is it totally lame to say that several of your comments made me cry? Yep? Well, they did just the same. I should put a little disclaimer out there- I cried for much of the weekend. Regardless, your kind words did my heart good.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- my very. favorite. part. of blogging is the amazing community that you have the chance to be a part of. Thank you, friends.

And, just so you know, if you offered to receive my random Font Choices and Fabric Pairings questions, you might just be receiving an email or two in the near future. 🙂

October’s last day

In other news, it is definitely November. The pace of my life seems to have gone up a notch this week to a bee like hum. On the docket?

Party plans (the party is today!)…

…gifts for guys prep (you should see the guest and sponsor lineups)…

…some guest tutorials (did you check out our embroidered geography art at Little Miss Momma and wool felt *snap* decor at Infarrantly Creative?) with several more to come in the next few weeks..

…tons of goodness in the works (love the feeling of being done with this wreath already!)…

…and a few other fun projects (some already in the works, a couple coming soon). To be honest, I am a little tired just typing that. Whew! 🙂

Does life feel busy-bee-like to y’all?
What’s on the docket for you this weekend/week?

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